John Nguyen

John Nguyen

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Username * Nii
Country * Australia
City Perth
Nationality Australian


Availability: student



I'm a budding Mechatronics Engineering student studying 3d graphics in my spare time. I've been using 3ds Max for several months, and now use it for rendering, while all my modeling work is done in Luxology Modo 201 (no idea why that isn't listed in the software section) and Zbrush. As an Engineer, I also have access to and have had experience in using the CAD modeling software SolidWorks.

My main strength is game level modeling and rendering. I'm available for small freelance jobs whenever you need. Just pop me a private message, MSN or email me at =]

My portfolio isn't up yet, but I will hope to get one soon. Meanwhile you can observe a works of mine scattered about the internet.

Cloud Strife remake
This is my latest foray into organic modeling. Still uncompleted, a remake of Cloud Strife from the popular movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Just a quick foray into hard body modeling, this fineliner was modelled using a real world reference. Render was done in Maxwell/3d Studio Max.

Medium Poly Arm
This is an example of my skills in organic modeling. I used Zbrush and modo for rendering. Normal maps were used to render this image, to keep rendertimes low (and be usable ingame).

Thanks for your time! =]